• At Nelgo Industries, our goal is to establish and build strong, long-term relationships with our customers. It is our philosophy that quality is dependent on the conscious effort of every member of our team. Quality is achieved by a collective effort from both Management and Employees to develop robust processes and inspection plans followed throughout the manufacturing process. Each stage of the process is performed to quality standards and with the finished product and customer in mind.
  • Nelgo is proud to be AS9100 Rev. D / ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ITAR Registered. This means our business delivers a consistent level of quality by having well-defined and regularly reviewed processes and procedures.

Every part is inspected to print before leaving our facility by using precision automated inspection equipment and/or by hand. We strive to produce parts that exceed our customers’ expectations. In-process inspection is performed utilizing process focused inspection methods to maintain consistent quality results.

Quality Policy: Nelgo is committed to provide high quality products and services on time to our customers, to satisfy all applicable requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Inspection Capabilities Include the Following
  • Inspection to 0.0001 inches
  • Angle inspection to 1 arc minute
Inspection Equipment
  • Brown & Sharp (7.10.7) coordinated measuring machine (CMM)
  • Mitutoyo 14” optical comparator
  • Mitutoyo digital drop indicators from (.0000 thru 2.0000”)
  • Mitutoyo test indicators from (.0000 thru .0005)
  • Granite surface plates,
  • Gage Pins (0.011” to 1.000”)
  • Deltronic Pin Gages from (.01000 thru .75000)
  • Gage Blocks (0.02000” to 10.0000”)
  • Thread plug Gages
  • Thread Ring Gages
  • Microscopes (50x)
  • Mahr 816 CL 24” height Gage
  • Calipers from (.000 thru 48.000)
  • Micrometers (.0001 thru 8.0000)
  • Gloss meter
  • GasCheck Tesla Helium Leak Detector.